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Our school was the first distance education school to open in Queensland in 1987.  It remains an innovative education centre providing opportunities to use a wide range of proven and emerging technologies that assist flexible learning and distance education.

When the school opened in 1987 the primary delivery methods were HF radio, mail through the postal system and occasionally face to face contacts with field services and mini-schools (camps).

In 2002 the school closed its HF radio network and 'pensioned off' its six 1000 watt transmitters.  The delivery of lessons moved to a teleconference system based within the school facilities; this technology enable duplex communication (i.e. talking by students and teacher simultaneously).  Computer technology had been in the school for some years at that time, but this change of communication medium also supported further use of digital media.

By 2010, a transition of tele-conference lessons to those incorporating a visual component through web based conferencing started.  Today our students are able to engage with their class mates or tutorial groups and teachers through these web technologies.

Today's 'distance' classroom makes use of daily web conference lessons, a wide range of interactive digital media and communications as well as the more traditional communication medias like mail and telephone.  Our choice of technologies is based on the foundation principle: Does this help the learner in their journey to enhanced knowledge and skills?

Technology helps to reduce the barriers of distance and create the essential elements of a vibrant community.  People prepare people for the future.