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Home based learner by choice

Students not meeting the criteria for any of the above six categories of enrolment may still undertake their education by enrolling in our school. The fee is set annually. The fee is $1586.50 for the 2022 school year per student and must be forwarded with the enrolment application or have negotiated a payment schedule with the school. Students may seek a waiver from the education charges by supplying the relevant documentation to the school. Application forms for seeking a waiver of this fee can be obtained from the Parent Liaison Officer.

a) Children travelling within Australia and overseas

This category is for students who are travelling and such travel is not associated with the family’s employment, i.e. extended vacation. Eligibility for enrolment for the grouping above is:

  • Age requirements are the same as for all enrolments of preschool and primary aged children.
  • Families are required to be Queensland residents. Proof of Queensland residency will be required. This may take the form of an electoral roll registration, current rates notice, or equivalent documentation.
  • Educational programs must be required for a period in excess of 16 weeks (4 months).
For mobile families, a singular Australian postal address for the year must be provided to the school to which all the mail will be sent. For families travellling within Australia, a 'one off' resource fee of $200 is charged and will be refunded on return of resources in good condition at the end of the enrolment period at the school.

For families travelling overseas, proposed travel itineraries should be submitted with a completed enrolment application (see enrolment documents).
  • To be eligible for continuing enrolment in the ‘travelling’ category, parents must provide a continuing update of their travel plans.
  • Children of families resident in one area within Australia for three months or more are no longer considered eligible for enrolment and should attend a local school.
  • A home based learner by choice fee per student per annum is applicable.

b) School based students

A student enrolled in a mainstream state school may undertake a course of study through this school. Arrangements for enrolment in this category are through the Principal of the student’s school. There is no cost for this arrangement though normal subject charges may apply.

c) International enrolments

Families who are not Australian citizens and reside outside of Australia may apply for consideration in obtaining enrolments at this school.

d) Independent learners (Adult)

Persons over 18 years of age may enrol in our school’s courses and receive the appropriate set of services. Services for adult students do not include field services or class audio lessons.

Last reviewed 30 November 2021
Last updated 30 November 2021