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Mission and values

School planning

'This School of Distance Education will provide a comprehensive and quality education through the integration and personalisation of available distance and flexible learning services.'

Our mission statement is what defines and drives our School Planning Process which can be seen within our current plans. (See below)

Planning process

The school makes use of a simple planning process that incorporates reflection, analysis, problem solving and review elements. Our planning process is best displayed in the following graphic.

..........................Our planning process

As displayed in the image above:

Identify and prioritise:

Greatest benefit to the largest number - Productivity.

Develop and plan:

Measures of success required.


Focus on priorities; be sharp and focused.


Use valid date; use data that has measuring to the context; keep values in focus.

Investigate, assess:

Widen the review; check the facts; challenge assumptions.

This process is used at all stages of school planning, from class level organisation through to the formation of our strategic plan.

Our plans

The following planning documents form the intent and direction of our school:

Strategic Plan 2017-2020 (PDF, 2.3MB)

Provides a 4 year overview of direction, intent and priorities in enhancing and improving our school.

Provides this year's explicit improvement agenda and intentions for our school.


An accountability document which details how our school will expend federal funds in line with our Annual Implementation Plan.

Reviewing and renewing our plans

Like all plans, our strategic and annual plans list our intentions, goals and targets so as to provide a clear and explicit improvement pathway for our school. As we progress through the year, some of the elements may be modified to take into account changing circumstances. This ongoing review and renewal process is structured as follows:

Strategic and Operational Planning Process