Field services


Field services

This year, due to the pandemic restrictions, saw many of our field services, camps and mini schools suspended.


As we move to a revised, interim way of ensuring all of our students have the greatest opportunity to learn, there is a constant sense of change and uncertainty. As a community we will work together to ensure that what we can do for students, will be done.

In 2020, these events will not be held in regional venues but will run at the school site. View our School calendar of events (PDF, 176KB) for details. 

Update on activities

All 'residential/camp' style activities remain suspended, i.e. outreaches, mini-schools, etc.

To replace these, a number of 'special inreaches' are scheduled for Term 3 and 4. These events are over multiple days and are limited to specific groups of students, i.e. these events are not open to all. This arrangement is in place so that we are able to appropriately manage the numbers of students as per pandemic requirements and to ensure those students in greatest need get access to appropriate services.


The details of these target events are:

Dates Location Participants
18th – 20th AugustCTSDECape River and Ewan Outreach
31st August – 4th SeptemberCTSDE12 VET Camp – Agriculture, Business, Visual Arts, FSK, Ed Support
1st – 3rd SeptemberCTSDEHughenden and Clermont Outreach
18th SeptemberTown PoolInterhouse Swimming Trials
27th – 29th OctoberCTSDEPrimary Minischool


Celebration Day

The traditional ceremony and evening meal is cancelled. The event will be a 'virtual' event and streamed on the internet and placed in YouTube and Facebook.


Protocols on Inreaches

The underpinning values when planning the school events for the remainder of this school year are:

  • To preserve the safety of students, their families and our staff.
  • To ensure students are able to access learning opportunities in a variety of forms.
  • To adhere to current legislative/regulatory requirements associated with the COVID pandemic and to follow best medical/health advice.

Please note the following protocols for school events:

  1. Attendance of students is by prior registration. Registration forms are attached (PDF, 456KB) or may be downloaded from our website. There will be no registrations on the day. If you have not registered please do not turn up; you may be offended when our staff refuse access to the event. The access to the school will open at 8:15am each day.
  2. Students who exhibit flu like or 'cold' symptoms will be returned to parent care.
  3. There will be no parent access to school grounds. Registration checking will occur at the front gate of the school where parents will pass students into the care of the staff. Mail being delivered to the school may be left at the front gate. Outgoing mail will be using Australia Post deliveries. The office will be closed so there will be no transactions available on inreach days. Support staff will be assisting in event management. Parents may collect students at the end of the school day from the front gate area.
  4. No other gates or ground access points will be opened on these days; these access points will be locked.
  5. No vehicles (school, staff or parents) will be on grounds during these events. Staff parking is also to be off street at these times, e.g. at western boundary of the school. This is to ensure that families have access to short term areas to collect students as well as displaying some consideration for the school's neighbours.
  6. Students arriving at the school will be escorted from the drop off point to their classrooms by school staff.
  7. All participating students are to provide their own morning tea and lunch, a water bottle and hat. Note, no 'lunch deliveries' are possible – come with lunch items in the morning.
  8. The school will have hand sanitiser, tissues and hand washing consumables in place and promoted regularly by staff.
  9. While it is not mandatory, our teaching staff will be doing their best to arrange class seating to apply social distancing and conducting learning activities that do not promote close physical engagement.
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Last reviewed 28 July 2020
Last updated 28 July 2020